Great Spirit Studios, Inc. is a company founded by the passionate photographer, Debra Hoover. With decades of experience under her belt, Debra has developed a deep love for capturing life's moments through the lens of a camera.


What sets our studio apart is Debra's commitment to building relationships with her clients. Each photography session is tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of the client. By taking the time to get to know her clients, Debra is able to maximize the relationship and create a comfortable, relaxed environment that allows for genuine, happy, positive, and sometimes powerful images.


Debra's photography style is a reflection of her personality: warm, inviting, and intimate. She believes that the best photos are the ones that capture the true essence of her clients, and her skill in doing so has earned her a reputation as a top-notch photographer.


At Great Spirit Studios, Inc. Debra's goal is to help her clients create lasting images that her clients can look back on and say, "Wow". Whether it's a family portrait, a special event,  or a corporate headshot, she takes pride in delivering high-quality, personalized service that exceeds expectations.


If you're looking for a photographer who will take the time to understand your unique vision and bring it to life, look no further than Great Spirit Studios, Inc., Debra Hoover's relationship-driven approach ensures that every client receives the attention and care they deserve, resulting in stunning, one-of-a-kind photographs that will make you wonder why you didn't do this sooner. Get in touch, we are waiting to help you build the picture of your dreams.